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Leading isn’t a job, it is an adventure. Building high-performing teams and organizations in today’s unstable and exciting world is a journey that demands savvy insight and skills plus the attitudes, versatility, courage and commitment of world-class adventurers. I’ve taught and inspired hundreds of leaders, teams and companies to reach their visions and achieve critical goals faster…and with energy to spare. I’d like to assist you.

I will help you

  • Define and prioritize which (ad)ventures, activities and people investments are worth your time and energy and which to pass by
  • Succeed faster…prepare yourself, your team and organization to navigate through uncharted challenging territory, convert constant surprises into the forward progress you need, overcome daunting obstacles, and sustain use of habits that win, regardless of conditions
  • Learn proven, practical approaches for handling significant people challenges and building high-performance teams that create distinguished value

Do you have an exciting vision for the future, but struggle to achieve it?

If you are a leader, CEO, COO, business unit or team leader whose organization must create a more successful future, but…

  • Your leadership team struggles with conflicting priorities, holds unproductive meetings or just isn’t making the right things happen fast enough
  • Stakeholders deliver unpredictable results and key business priorities fall behind schedule
  • Day-to-day demands on your time, like Lilliputians, tie you down and keep you from addressing the issues that matter most
  • Your personal well being or organizational culture are hurting success rather than accelerating it

Meredith and Corporate Adventure® consultants can help you crack the code and change.

What can you do to accelerate success?

If you, your senior leaders, and leadership teams want to define and deliver your most critical priorities consistently, find out more about what Corporate Adventure® has to offer.

At Corporate Adventure®, we use the Breakthrough Results approach for doing business. Creating significant leaps of improvement by creating:

As you and your organization use the Breakthrough Results approach you will shift mindsets and performance so they convert your vision into target results. We will help you:

  • Stay your best and think through powerful solutions for your complex and tough challenges. See Leadership Excellence
  • Improve the interactions and results of your leaders and leadership teams by using a simple, powerful discipline to plan, implement and achieve distinguished results. Read more at Leadership Excellence
  • Get everyone clear, focused and on the same page to implement a powerful plan for success. See Strategic Planning
  • Set, track, and continuously improve performance on operational key priorities. See Best Year Yet
  • Hold high-value meetings that engage participants, inspire their best ideas, decide the right issues, set clear accountabilities and build enthusiasm for delivering new targets. See Meeting Facilitation
  • Build new capabilities and accelerate changes that increase the performance and spirit of teams you rely on.

Meredith and the team at Corporate Adventure® will stay with you, provide coaching, consulting and support, until your organization achieves your most important priorities.

Welcome to Corporate Adventure®.

Since 1982, Corporate Adventure® has accelerated successful change with leaders in mid-sized business units and companies across a variety of industry segments, professional services, high-tech, manufacturing and construction as well as non-profit and associations. By bringing out the best in leaders, their people, teams, and organizations, our clients have delivered outstanding products and services to their clients and communities. We offer you our unique blend of deep interest, practical business savvy and people insight to help you achieve your vision. Click here to learn about Our Team.

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