Leadership Coaching

We give you highly customized, real-time, one-on-one development with Individual Leadership Coaching.

We contract with each leader to achieve specific goals and assure sponsors support success. Leaders learn to apply time-tested principles that generate sustained, superior productivity and profitability. You and/or your leaders will:

  • Learn the principles of personal, interpersonal, and organization breakthrough
  • Apply practical models for influencing others and delivering results consistently
  • Practice new skills and mindsets in multiple settings until you use them appropriately, habitually, and successfully
  • Ask for and learn from feedback so you stay in touch with constituent needs, drivers, and goals and thus consistently improve your impact
  • Continuously stretch yourself and others to innovate and improve
  • Design support systems (both people and processes) to help you sustain great performance
  • Work with a skilled, confidential thought partner to help you address your most perplexing challenges

We base our approach on the coaching models of Chris Argyris and The Executive Coaching Institute to help leaders become more effective—more self-observing, self-generating, and self correcting.

Each individual coaching client receives Corporate Adventure®’s Leadership Coaching Notebook. It gives you one place to keep your goals, models, questions, insights, success practices, homework commitments, session summaries, and results. We meet with you weekly, ideally in person but also by phone if needed. We typically structure renewable three- or six-month contracts. Once we agree on your goals, each session uses your real world challenges as the basis for strengthening your performance and leadership impact.

Leadership Coaching is a confidential, customized program. When an executive sponsors a leader for coaching, the leader is responsible for assuring that the sponsor and we agree to specific coaching goals and for doing the work needed to achieve them. The client reviews progress on goals at least once a month with any sponsor. We discuss progress against goals jointly with our client and with the sponsor, but reveal nothing about the content of individual conversations with our coaching clients.

Our coaching clients have achieved breakthrough results and you can, too. If you want to speak with us about improving leadership performance, contact us to learn more.