Best Year Yet

The System for Delivering Your Annual Priorities

Meredith was Best Year Yet’s Partner of the Year in 2001. Since 1999 she has helped sales teams, HR teams, marketing teams, manufacturing teams, and executive teams from professional service firms, high-tech companies and manufacturing plants succeed using the Best Year Yet system. Call for more information and a personal tour of Best Year Yet’s proprietary online accountability and tracking system.

What is Best Year Yet?

Best Year Yet is a business planning and implementation system that helps key stakeholders define your one-year operations priorities and deliver the results you’ve always wanted, team by team, for a full year.

The Best Year Yet system gives:

  • Executive teams a vehicle for translating strategy into clear, aligned operational plans across all functions and teams
  • Teams with overwhelming, unclear or conflicting priorities the focus, alignment, and inspiration to set and achieve their most important results
  • New teams clarity and management tools to launch great performance quickly and build an exciting, collaborative culture

Best Year Yet is the fastest, simplest, and most practical system we know for converting a strategic plan into annual targets and/or aligning an organization to generate new levels of success. The program starts with your senior team and can cascade across functions and geographies to align support for your critical priorities. It builds company-wide clarity, enthusiasm and performance. It easily integrates into performance management systems so individual goals directly advance company priorities.

What does the Best Year Yet program include? (click any of the following to find out)

Contact us to receive case studies of Best Year Yet success or to discuss how this system can help your team and organization produce new levels of success and have their best year yet!

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