Strategic Planning and Implementation

Are you one of the 9 out of 10 companies that achieves disappointing results from its investment in strategic planning? We’ll show you how to change.

Corporate Adventure® uses Breakthrough Strategy to help leadership teams create a clear and powerful strategy for their organizations. But we don’t stop there. We help you enroll your people so they understand your context, support your strategy, and deliver critical results month after month.

If you’ve experienced some of the following common problems with strategic planning and implementation, we think you’ll like our solutions:

  • Was creating your mission statement an exercise in word-smithing?
    We help you make your mission a reflection of your deepest passions and a daily source of inspiring performance.
  • Is your values statement a laundry list of Scout virtues?
    We help you define your critical few values and assure that they enable every contributor to make wise decisions with less bureaucracy.
  • Are your strategic plans good ideas that live on the shelf?
    We help you create goals and a plan that reflect a tough-minded review of your environment and the best thinking of key stakeholders. We assure you convert your plan into functional operational plans that teams use monthly to deliver the goals that will build your market position.
  • Does your strategy consultant leave you hanging?
    Count on us to stay with you, to work through the adventure of guiding your organization through a successful implementation.

Corporate Adventure® prepares your leaders for a rich strategy dialogue.
We design materials and facilitate planning meetings so they yield the best thinking of your participants. With our approach, everyone leaves with a clear vision of a compelling future and ready to make it happen.

Once you complete your strategic plan, we make sure you have the skills and structure for delivering it over the following 12 months. We find Best Year Yet is a valuable operational implementation system for many clients. But whether you choose Best Year Yet or another of our approaches, we’ll give you a road map with:

  • Clear, compelling priorities that leaders and staffs want to achieve
  • A management system for setting and delivering accountabilities each month. The system builds cross-functional collaboration and support
  • A scorecard that promotes learning and shows every contributor how every team and the whole company is progressing each month
  • Leaders and a leadership team that create consistent urgency, focus, and enthusiasm-three keys for changing quickly
  • An organization system that encourages faster learning and higher performance, not just more frantic activity and longer hours
  • A trusted adviser to support your success

Select from the following options to customize our Breakthrough Strategy Program so it best meets your needs:

  • Assess and equip your leadership team so that it is ready to successfully meet the challenges of planning and implementing strategy
  • Structure research assignments so your planning team collects the most important information on external and internal conditions (eg markets, competitors, competencies, etc) it needs to make well-informed decisions
  • Convert raw research information into intelligence, ie, insightful scenarios and recommendations for creating the future
  • Facilitate planning meetings that build enthusiastic support for a set of clear, compelling priorities and metrics, each with a passionate champion and resources to succeed
  • Cascade the plan into aligned, functional plans that optimize use of limited resources, inspire the best from contributors, and build cross-functional collaboration
  • Implement a simple, powerful scorecard system for publicly monitoring and learning from every team’s performance each month
  • Develop a shared management discipline that every leader, team, and contributor can use to accelerate progress and deliver reliably
  • Design your performance management system to assure it best supports the performance you need
  • Train, facilitate, and coach leaders and teams to navigate the surprises and change throughout the adventure of implementation
  • Help your senior team to speak with one voice so it powerfully influences your organization, customers, and partners to support your agenda

The Breakthrough Strategy Program makes strategic planning and implementation about results, not process. We help you make your ROI from this critical business process concrete and high. In addition to target results, you’ll own valuable tools to let you replicate your success again and again.

If you’ve been struggling to engage your leaders to support one vision, one plan, and an implementation discipline that works, Email or Request Info to discuss your situation and needs. We’ll be happy to explore how we can help.