Rebooting Leadership, Practical Lessons for Frontline Leaders (and Their Bosses) in the New World
by Meredith Kimbell, Richard Hadden, Bill Catlette
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Emerging from the ashes of an eight year period that witnessed the outright collapse or systemic failure of Enron, Worldcom, Lehman Brothers, AIG, your bank, my airline, and who knows which auto companies, are a new set of realities, expectations and needs that profoundly impact the way people conduct their lives, relationships, and work.

Leaders face a world where folks are wrapped way too tight, trust is at its nadir, the deal in the workplace has been turned on its head, and speed is a key differentiator. Rebooting Leadership examines how leaders, especially frontline leaders, must evolve to succeed. It provides actionable insights and guidance for new and emerging leaders and those who mentor them.

Gleaned from our observations and query of effective, contemporary leaders, the model is elegantly simple, yet powerful and memorable.


Create the Business Breakthrough You Want: Secrets and Strategies from the World’s Greatest Mentors
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“Powerful, perceptive, practical advice from some of the best business minds today.”

—Ken Blanchard, co-author of The One Minute Manager and The On-Time, On-Target Manager