High Performance Teamwork

Do your teams deliver predictable results?

Form Teams Faster and Produce More Consistent
Results with Breakthrough Teamwork.

Today’s leaders must know when and how to create productive teamwork quickly, often cross-functionally or virtually.

A misstep in any element of building, facilitating, or monitoring team performance becomes very costly. Few organizations have embedded the basics of building strong teams in their culture. As a result, many teams waste precious time and resources despite their best intentions.

Corporate Adventure® designs, trains, and coaches new or struggling teams so they become effective at meeting their goals and adding new value, more consistently and faster. You, your teams, and team leaders will receive the tools, practice, and support to:

  • Charter teams clearly and resource them for success
  • Use the best practices of high-performance teams
  • Hold conversations that produce value, guided by a shared structure for problem solving, tools for group learning, and a joint commitment to shared success and mutual respect
  • Tune-up performance with survey information from team members, customers, and stakeholders


We customize each team development program based on your situation and needs. We have 22 years of experience building senior teams, cross-functional teams, and front line, self-directed teams. We work with you to co-create goals and a road map that engage your teams and produce the success you target.

For more information on our team retreats, on-the-job training, and coaching to fast-start new teams and accelerate the performance of existing teams, Email or Request Info

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