Leadership Development

Achieve excellence with Breakthrough Leadership performance.

Corporate Adventure® equips leaders and leadership teams to powerfully influence people and effectively design organizations to deliver outstanding results—consistently.

Whether we focus on you as a leader, your leadership team, other strategic teams, or your whole organization, you can expect our Breakthrough Leadership approach to accelerate your success.

Do you have leaders who:

  • Do not yet perform to their potential? We help them see, develop and deliver their best
  • Have strong technical skills but struggle with interpersonal skills? We help experts convey their good ideas with impact and build strong relationships so that others support them
  • Have new leadership roles or have formed new leadership teams that must learn and succeed quickly? We help leaders and teams create the impact they need right from the beginning of any assignment
  • Seem stuck in unproductive conflicts? Sometimes a leadership team’s collective IQ is notably lower than any of the team’s members. Often, a team’s dynamic limits its impact. We coach teams in retreats and in real work environments to increase their productivity and impact

To start, Corporate Adventure® will learn about your organization’s mission, strategy, and vision for leadership. We learn about your current business and leadership situation. Then, we design programs that build needed skills, provide practice by applying new skills to real business challenges, and assure support from senior leaders.

While we customize every leadership program to advance your organization’s mission, values, and strategic agenda, all programs include these five phases:

1 Assessment

We learn the specific objectives, issues, and strengths of participants. Participants assess themselves and learn the perceptions of others through:
Interviews and surveys
Assessment instruments
Team discussions to define strengths, gaps and learning priorities

2 Planning

We co-design a program for achieving measurable goals you choose. We help you convert your assessment results into performance goals. Together, we set the roadmap to reach them. We help you:

Acquire new skills, competencies and mindsets offering you one-on-one learning, web casts, and/or classroom learning
Create measurable ROI by incorporating real business challenges and assuring “real world” impact from your program

3 Sustained Practice

We help you apply what you learn and create management systems to reinforce strong performance long-term. We help you:

Set performance contracts for your most important priorities
Assure your goals and development plans have clear, measurable accountabilities and sponsors to support ongoing progress
Give and gather regular constructive feedback
Create high-impact training programs that include up front contracting and follow up coaching from participants’ sponsors

4 Leverage Learning

We believe the old adage, You learn what you teach. Besides, the best way to create leadership bench strength is to cascade new learning to emerging leaders. We structure projects that engage leaders in leveraging their new capacity deeper into your organization and sometimes into suppliers and partners as well.

5 Assess and Continuously Improve

Our approach uses three ways to monitor and improve success in addition to personal assessment. Leaders receive:

  • Regular, ongoing feedback from an Advisory Committee they choose
  • Results from surveys of key constituent groups provide pre and post assessments of progress
  • Results from a Case Study business project validate the return on investment from your leadership development program

If you are looking for proven ways to pick up the pace of your success by increasing productivity, profitability, and spirit for yourself and your people, Email or Request Info from Corporate Adventure® today.

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