Executive Team Coaching

What percentage of your leadership team’s potential are you currently tapping?

Are your leaders ready to handle tomorrow’s challenges better than your competitors?

Ironically, leadership teams, precisely because of the individual successes of their members, sometimes struggle the most to become the high-performing, collaborative force for change your organization needs.

How confident are you that your leadership team:

  • Speaks with “one voice” about your organization’s vision, values and strategy?
  • Will successfully deliver your annual plan?
  • Names the same top three priorities it is committed to achieve this quarter? This year?
  • Works across functions to optimize value?
  • Models and builds the culture you need?
  • Leverages value from new mergers and acquisitions quickly?
  • Brings out each other’s best and plays to each other’s strengths?
  • Learns quickly together about the tough issues and emerging opportunities you face together?

A Roadmap to New Success
Corporate Adventure® offers the following leadership team development services and outcomes as appropriate to your situation. We will:

  • Interview your team members to learn their current perceptions, beliefs, and commitments
  • Administer and share results of customized assessments so everyone understands its dynamics, practices, impact, and potential
  • Help the team gain clarity on its desired values, vision, dynamics, and impact
  • Coach and consult with the team’s leader to model, influence, and lead desired change effectively throughout the journey to the vision
  • Design and deliver learning opportunities that build needed skills
  • Help design and facilitate the team’s delivery of key initiatives it prioritizes, eg improving its meetings, creating and leading a new organizational strategy and annual plan, renewing culture, integrating new acquisitions, etc
  • Structure and help you learn from feedback loops so key constituents help navigate the road to success
  • Coach individual members and cross-functional relationships to optimize performance

While every program is unique, you can expect your team to learn to express clear, common values and pursue your shared vision effectively. You can expect they will surface, discuss and resolve issues faster and more cooperatively. You will enjoy how they mobilize key constituents to achieve the results you need.

If you are ready to take the time to give your team new clarity and focus so they optimize your organization’s short and long-term future, please contact us to discuss your situation and vision for your leadership team. We’ll be happy to explore how we might accelerate your success. Email or Request Info

If your leadership team is “too busy” to invest in strengthening its performance, check if it is too busy doing the wrong things.
If your team is unskilled and/or tolerates dysfunctional dynamics, it will send waves of confusion, conflict, mistrust and resignation throughout the workforce. Make time to address the most important and valuable assignment it has—mobilizing its members and constituents to perform at their best.

Corporate Adventure® will help improve the focus, structure and style of your leadership team’s work so members:

  • Consistently contribute their best
  • Bring out the best in each other and create value in their relationships with each other and with key stakeholders
  • Design and strengthen a high-performance culture
  • Collaborate to set and implement a powerful business strategy
  • Surface, explore and resolve the inevitable breakdowns on the journey to success
  • Become the desired model for every team in your organization
  • Inspire and mobilize your workforce to deliver results you target

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