Co-Leadership Coaching

Do you have two leaders who share responsibility for delivering results, but they don’t get along and thus slow progress?

Diverse skills should combine to positively influence people, their clients, and their success. Instead, differing perceptions can lead to confusion, mistrust, and conflict for everyone involved. When this occurs, the faster you resolve the situation, the sooner you will improve results for clients, staff, and your business.

With Corporate Adventure®’s Co-leadership Coaching you can expect to:

  • Reduce the cost of unproductive conflict
  • Improve collaboration and positive impact on projects, people, and results
  • Leverage each leader’s strengths to produce stronger results
  • Equip leaders with the practices and skills to co-lead to targeted results
  • Provide leaders with tools to resolve future breakdowns

Each co-leadership engagement lasts a minimum of three months and includes the following steps:

  • Diagnose each person’s style of leading (instruments, interviews)
  • Map the system dynamic showing how the parties contribute to undesired results, ie, reveal beliefs and actions that lead to breakdowns
  • Create a shared, powerful picture of the results both parties want to produce
  • Show the impact of continuing in an unproductive way
  • Commit to new standards of success and to co-creating them
  • Negotiate and practice new ways of interacting and leading that produce the desired future
  • Meet weekly to target, practice, and refine practices and impact
  • Assess performance against the standards set for success

We kick off co-leadership coaching in person, but once successfully launched, we can support you both in your workplace and by phone. For more information on Co-leadership Effectiveness, contact us.

Contact Us: (703) 471-7745

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