Sample Client Projects

Client project successes prove ROI value.

The following stories tell about real business and leader successes that happened because of our work with our clients, and their work with us.

Project 1: Leadership Development

In six months, a group of 12 leaders from various parts of a mid-size business collectively generated almost $2M of new value in various relationships they led. We provided three days of classroom models, case studies and practice. We supported consistent use of new skills over six months of bi-weekly coaching, mostly by phone. In the first six months, the full program yielded an ROI 20 times the investment and additionally left leaders with the skills and capabilities to replicate their success.

Project 2: Executive Coaching

A leader engaged us following an evaluation in which his younger, new-economy colleagues criticized his old-school style and uninspiring leadership. We coached him weekly and provided new skills and mindsets he practiced with our support. He won his team’s strong support, closed significant new business, made a powerful, national presentation, and regained his passion and “love of the game” in six months. At the end of a year, his company awarded him a bonus in the top tier of their bonus program because of his improvement and contributions.

Project 3: Presentation Coaching

Despite excellent business qualifications, a candidate for a Partnership in a professional service firm was deferred because his presentation skills failed to meet the requirements to earn the new role. After three months of one-on-one coaching with us, he went on to win make Partner. He is now leader of a large business unit in a major city.

Project 4: Co-Leadership Effectiveness

A business unit was divided in loyalties and warring internally due to the public hostility of its two leaders. We conducted interviews, assessments and feedback sessions. We met with the two leaders to re-negotiate their relationship, expectations, and roles. We helped them facilitate their team in ways that demonstrated their alignment and shared commitment to the organization’s success.

These co-leaders realized how they each contributed to the breakdowns. They saw the unintended damage they did to their people and the results the damage caused. They learned to honor the intention of the other leader and used new collaborative conversation skills. Over three months of working with us, the entire office welcomed the changes with relief. Both staff and clients enjoyed better business results.

Project 5: Strategic Planning

A leader of a mid-sized company struggled to mobilize his senior team to define and implement a shared vision and strategy. His leadership team included members who, at times, challenged his decisions and role.

Corporate Adventure® helped the President develop a leadership style that played to his many strengths and won the support of his team.

We helped design and facilitate two strategic planning processes. The first involved his executive team and the second, a year later, included emerging leaders from across the organization.

Currently, over 50 percent of the company voluntarily contributes to goal implementation teams. Recent staff surveys show over 90 percent of staff knows the company’s values and mission and supports them.

Business results in all areas of the strategy are currently on track for success. A team of collaborative leaders monitors results through a shared discipline of monthly reviews. They speak with one voice to the organization in ways that promote clarity, focus and consistent progress.

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