Our Approach

Expect Corporate Adventure® to accelerate your success!

Whether we focus on

  • You
  • Your leadership team
  • Other strategic teams
  • Your whole organization

We use our customized Breakthrough Results approach to help you succeed.

When you call us, the first thing we’ll do is listen. We want to learn about you, your business, goals, and concerns. Together we’ll explore how we might help. If we both agree that Corporate Adventure® can help you succeed, we’ll decide on the next steps together.

The following overview describes how you can expect to benefit from working with our team. It also outlines the typical elements of an engagement with us.


  • Learn from constituents’ candid input so that you develop a comprehensive picture of your current situation, dynamics, challenges and opportunities
  • Build stakeholders’ enthusiastic agreement on your mission, vision, core values, and the future you want to create
  • Increase appreciation for your own and others’ skills, style and perspectives so you build on strengths as you create and implement powerful plans that create breakthrough results


  • Choose the critical few opportunities and issues that will make the greatest impact on achieving the future you desire
  • Cut through the complexity of options
  • Create laser-clear focus on the highest value places to invest your time and resources. We believe this is one of the most important roles of any leader or leadership team


  • Collaboratively define specific results, metrics, and timelines so that everyone shares the same road map for creating “success”
  • Set clear accountabilities so stakeholders make wise decisions, contribute effectively, and build a culture of trust
  • Say “no” to non-critical distractions


  • Optimize the capabilities, resources, and pride of people you depend on for success
  • Build your leadership, key processes, and culture synergistically to mobilize performance, learning and loyalty
  • Establish a management discipline that produces outstanding results
  • Acquire new skills and resourcefulness

If you are looking for proven ways to pick up the pace of your success by increasing productivity, profitability, and spirit, Email or Request Info at Corporate Adventure® today.

When we work with you, count on:

  • Great listening: We “seek first to understand,” deeply. We listen from the perspective of a business entrepreneur, a psychologist and someone committed to supporting your success.
  • Elegance: Once we understand your situation we offer high-value solutions that are simple, powerful and practical. Scientists call this “elegance.”
  • Results: We aren’t consumed with endless process and efforts. We define target results and meet them as efficiently and sustainably as possible.
  • No surprises: You can count on great preparation and reliable follow through for every engagement. You’ll never wonder about our ethics, our word, or our support for your success.
  • Confidentiality: Senior leaders call us trusted advisors. We give personal attention that helps you make enduring and meaningful change by creating clear, safe and powerful opportunities to speak deep truth and explore your toughest issues productively.

If you are looking for proven ways to pickup the pace of your success please read through our services to learn how we can increase your organization’s productivity, profitability and spirit.

Call us to share your vision and your challenges. We will explore how we can help you start, course-correct, and/or complete the journey of creating the future you most want.

Call Meredith Kimbell at 703 471 7745, Email us, or Request Info today!

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